Our Team

of Juliet is produced and managed by a small but dedicated band of creative rebels. DIY in nature, and fiercely independent, of Juliet covers a lot of ground each year, limited only by the imagination and ambition of the team below. In addition to the staff, of Juliet relies on a roster of incredible writers, artists, photographers, and other creators to bring our work to the page.

Josh Headshot Draft Version.jpg

Joshua Lewin - Editor at Large

Cook, storyteller; craft as immersive performance, aspiring to something

... I almost know what

Katrina Headshot 1.jpg

Katrina Jazayeri - Designer

Katrina Jazayeri is a designer, builder, and restaurateur, who uses personal interaction and natural hospitality to encourage alternative ways of looking and working, and to create social change.


Katie Rosengren - Managing Editor

Katie keeps us all on track, and works hard to present the best possible version of our work, on time. Katie also writes and edits our opinion pages.


Will Deeks - People + Process

Will covers people. Their ideas, beliefs, experiences, and their processes, in each issue of of Juliet.


Samantha Mangino - Features + Projects

Samantha reports on the major themes that anchor each issue of of Juliet. She is also the lead developer of new and special projects, ranging from communications and marketing, to new mediums and special events.