Unseen (Photo Feature)

This series is all about differences in light. Capturing the light of distinct times of day, and capturing the light that sparkles into the interior of Juliet at quiet times when only a few see- right after it closes and just before it opens only a few hours later.

Dillard's Eclipse

Rearranged from the words of Annie Dillard’s incredible essay about witnessing a total solar eclipse in 1979, this poem became the origin point for a five day immersive performance at Juliet in 2017, and if you are paying attention, you’ll note that its influence is anchored now in the development of the first year of this very magazine.

that which we hadn't asked for

We walked. We walked past boarded up industrial buildings, and we walked past an unexplained, and unattended, fire safely smoldering in a parking lot. We walked past things—things tinted drab and pale in the kind of sucked out twilight of a city dying to chew you up and spit you out like clean bone.

Singular Focus

“I spent one month straight just doing stocks. From there, Chris showed me the process of the chuck and then said, ‘here is the chuck’- and had me do it everyday after that, so it was all about learning from repetition.”