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I Was Listening, part 2

I Was Listening, part 2

I Was Listening, part 2

By Joshua Lewin

In the spirit of These Wild Apples, this series turns snippets of conversation from our dining room into stories for everyone to overhear. 

The thing about a grapefruit, though, is that to eat it, just requires so much of my attention. 


Here, try it. You need this little spoon knife thing, and you have to really look at where you are going. You can’t just scoop out of it anywhere… all these little skins, you can’t eat those. 

I mean, I’ve been eating grapefruit for a while and I’ve never really noticed it being that big of a deal. 

Have you though? 

Have I been eating grapefruit? 


No, I’m sure you’ve eaten grapefruit, but I’m saying, have you really been eating that much of it. Like, when was the last time, really? 

Well, I guess I don’t actually know. 

There. See. I eat a grapefruit, just like this one, all the time. Well, not quite as often as I used to, I moved recently, and I’m not going to just go buy a grapefruit to have at home. 

You’re not? 

NO, are you? 

Well, I’m not, but I’m also not thinking about the grapefruit at all… really, I just don’t think it’s such a big deal. 

This is what I’m saying. A grapefruit is a commitment. See, like this grapefruit, it’s a half, right? 


So, like, if I’m at home for starters, what am I supposed to do with the other half? 

Eat it? 

No, no one eats a whole grapefruit. Look at the size of this thing. This place knows what they are doing, you just serve half. Which is great for a restaurant, they can just serve the next half to you

I’m not going to have one. 

I know, I know, it’s not going to be YOU, you. But, like anyone else. So there, everyone gets their half a grapefruit, if they want it, and everyone is happy. 

But then, finally, it’s time to eat the thing. You gotta pay attention to what you are doing to eat it. You have to really carve it up, carefully. Gotta watch where you cut. Then you have to be careful with the spoon, it’s got a knife on it, you can’t just go poking at yourself with that. This is hard work. 

I mean, that’s a pretty funny way to describe eating a grapefruit that you ordered. You could have ordered eggs. Eating these is definitely not hard work. 

Sure, sure. Hey, let me have some of your coffee. 

Hey, you could have gotten your own coffee…

I know, I know. I was busy. Look, I’ll get you another one, just let me have some. 

Whatever, here. So what’s the big deal about this grapefruit anyway, you have something else you’d rather be paying attention to? 

Shhh… I’m almost done.

With the grapefruit? 

No, no, look. This song. I’ve been trying to work this out for months. 

Are you going to finish that grapefruit then? I like to squeeze the juice. 

No. I’m finished. Take it. 

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