Juliet Takes Manhattan

By Rachael Collins

Shortly after I started with Juliet in the summer of 2017, I was asked, “what are your culinary goals?” Without hesitation, I responded “I want the team at Juliet to cook at the James Beard House.” So with the glimmer of a summer sunset and a few phone calls and emails later, a date was set for Team Juliet to embark on this endeavor to Manhattan and cook our very French hearts out. The holiday hustle and bustle had passed for most of our community, but we were creating a holiday all of our own in February. Traveling to the Big Apple and cooking as a team was something our whole group was dreaming about for weeks. It shouldn’t be a surprise that we love food and so we really ate our way through the city, hitting some favorite spots that have inspired our menu and also snagging a $1 slice on the corner as the late night post dinner service hunger began. Many of our friends now reside in New York and reconnecting over martinis and mezcal margaritas at Balthazar was the perfect setting for beautiful conversations. Travel with us through our Manhattan journey by way of these photos. (click the photos to see more)

What I really asked Rachael was, “what are your goals?” As in, bigger than just the kitchen. And what she really told me was that she wanted to cook at the James Beard House, as a team, and for me to win a James Beard Award, for everyone. Still not satisfied that her answer took us far enough beyond just cooking, but inspired by her ambition and seed of selflessness to go along with it, I picked up the phone and didn’t put it down until I secured us a date to cook at the house. It wouldn’t be until months later that I encouraged Rachael to show and tell us about her experience like this in print. I hope you enjoy her retrospective as much as I’ve enjoyed the many steps taken with her, in and out of the kitchen, to bring it to you. -Josh