The Art of Seeing

I am an artist, by default, formal education, and desire. But as my life has been molded into where I am today, I also make my way in this world as a Travel and Hospitality Services Professional.

An Optimist Proposal

She froze, her knife and fork poised predator-like over a piece of medium rare filet. The color stalled in her face, leaving her mottled and curdled looking. Her eyebrows hugged the bottom of her brow bone, dense in concentration. 

When in Rome, Eat Gnocchi on Thursday

I was sitting in the same spot where Augustus Caesar’s troops might have exercised, where Emperor Domitian’s stadium had once stood, where Michelangelo might have bought his vegetables. In that moment, it was the best worst-tasting piece of pizza I had ever had.

On The Trail

he sight of one of the compact, human powered vehicles, parked neatly on the sidewalk, the labors of real farmers stacked neatly inside, is like a storybook version of what usually passes for food access and market share.

Ritual Gathering

“they just attracted these generous and warm people from all walks of life which was so fun to be exposed to. They learned that all kinds of people could come together, so somehow these very hard working, definitely middle class but upwardly mobile people, people who shared all their resources, would attract more well to do friends who would share with them. So we always felt all the time that we had these resources but it was based on these people’s generosity more than bank accounts.” Josh stops, mulling his words over, and adds, as if an afterthought, “What an important concept.”  

Katie's Corner: Do Not Eat

As for those starving kids in Africa I was happy to send my dinner to? I care a lot more about them now, too. And the thousands of food insecure kids in the US. I don’t want to waste food because it is a privilege to be well fed when so many others are not.