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Cefalu, Sicilia

Cefalu, Sicilia


Come along then…

Did you know? The early editorial direction of this magazine was pulled directly from a progression of dinner menus at Juliet. Each year at Juliet is broken into three seasons (Spring and Summer are combined to leave more time for pretend surfing), and each season into three or four dinner menus.

Those menus are not just seasonal, but area explorations into specific regional cuisines, and the culture surrounding those cuisines and places.

Ranging from the obvious French, but hyper regional, influences to explorations of American classics, to the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, and Persia…these menus were also initially informed (with a handful of exceptions) by travel and direct experience in these places, and among their people.

If you’d like to know more about those places, come here behind the scenes and see everything we know about them:

This is everything I’d like you to see was the theme of our second year of publication, and is continued here, in constant evolution, as a benefit for all of our pay what you can subscribers. This is a benefit open to all levels of our supporters, which begins at just $1 per month.

The rest of our work is always free to read online, and payment is never required. This special section though…the origin of all of our work…is reserved for our supporters of any amount. (Oh, but the Barcelona section is still free for all. We just really really want you to go there).