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December 2018 -- This Is Everything I Have To Tell You

December 2018 -- This Is Everything I Have To Tell You

The two year mark has been an important waterline for this company since its beginning. For the restaurant, specifically, I could connect the two year dots for hours on end — and I wonder what sort of shapes would result…

Two years was one of the first phrases printed in the first issue of this magazine, which will technically celebrate one year of publication with the close of this issue in January. But, in secret, this magazine is more like two years old. Two single copies of the first prototype issue exist still in this world, printed about this time in 2016. It took a full year to bring the public version, from there, to life.

This will be the final issue of our first yearly theme: this is everything I have to tell you. It has been a very inward looking year, for both the magazine, and the restaurant. The issue in your hands is no exception. If you’ve heard enough about who we are and who we want to be, you should probably stop reading now.

This inward looking process, done publicly, has been both frightening and fun. It has also been fruitful, paying off repeatedly in unexpected ways throughout our organization.

When we return in January though, we are flipping the focus of that light completely, and our next theme, throughout all of 2019, will look outward, near and far. You might have noticed that the word “program” has already been dropped from the front cover.

We’ll continue to draw inspiration and focus from the seasonal goings on of Juliet, the restaurant, specifically the three big productions of each menu season, and will pepper in a few menu development notes and recipes for you to try at home. More than that, though, we’ll be using those themes to inform stories focused outside of this restaurant, this city, this country...and spoiler for 2020, maybe even a little bit outside of this world.

So, come on, pull up your seat, wipe the leaves away from the windows and take a look inside Juliet with us, one last time. Next time we see you, we’ll settle in for one long trip; let’s see where two more years might take us.

Here Is Everything I Have To Tell You,

Joshua Lewin

Cook and storyteller; craft as immersive performance. Aspiring to something… I almost know what at Juliet, etc:

Home of Somerville's Most Unique Dining Experience

as well as Juliet Cafe and Romeo's At Juliet

twitter: @jlewin @julietunionsq

instagram: @jdlewin @julietunionsq @ofjuliet




April 2018 - This Is Everything I Have To Tell You, Part 2

April 2018 - This Is Everything I Have To Tell You, Part 2