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January 2018 - This Is Everything I Have To Tell You, Part 1

January 2018 - This Is Everything I Have To Tell You, Part 1

Do you know how parmigiano-reggiano is made? It’s really pretty simple. It just takes time. Two years actually. Some milk is heated, and skimmed, and pressed, and then aged. Exactly two years. That’s the way it’s been done since the fourteenth century (source, Buvette: The Pleasure Of Good Food). Along the way there is plenty to be enjoyed though. Warm milk, fresh cheese curds, and the satisfaction of watching a process give shape to the formless. Everyone loves that, right? 

Our winter season begins with a rush of recognition as we head into the new year with a return to the roots of our cuisine. Well, really, the roots of everything. Juliet is much more than just cuisine. I hope. 

The first production of the year, Love For Lyon: Union Square Bouchon, is really the return of a classic. The Bouchon, as you’ll read later from Juliet server Samantha Mangino, holds a very special place in the canon of everyday French cuisine - as we hope to someday hold a special place in the canon of everyday…everything. 

Lyon is a reprisal of a menu we introduced for the first time in 2017. And in fact, most of the menu productions throughout this year will be coming around for the second time, as we purposely repeat almost everything we did last year, but better. Next year, we’ll archive half of it, and the year after that, the other half again. Everything will be new, two years at a time. 

We’ll turn two years old at Juliet in the middle of our second production of the year, one of only two that will be completely new this time around. Tracks North is inspired by a trip never taken. It is also a tribute to a past far enough back to be nearly forgotten, and it is a tribute, for the first time really, to some of our staff here at Juliet. General Manager Katie Rosengren was the first to prepare cuisine Quebecoise here in this restaurant, as part of a casual event last year celebrating the traditions of our staff and their families. With Tracks, I’ve piled a pullman car full of hopes and dreams for a future as fortuitous and richly rewarding as our recent past here in Union Square. And as much as I’ve done that for Katrina and myself, this one is for the team, too. 

Anyway, two years. Thanks for playing. 

Here Is Everything I Have To Tell You, 

Joshua Lewin

Cook and storyteller; craft as immersive performance. Aspiring to something… I almost know what at Juliet, etc: 
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April 2018 - This Is Everything I Have To Tell You, Part 2

April 2018 - This Is Everything I Have To Tell You, Part 2