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April 2018 - This Is Everything I Have To Tell You, Part 2

April 2018 - This Is Everything I Have To Tell You, Part 2

This magazine has its origins in a company that is always ready to hit the road and share what we’ve got. Even, yes, if its a little bit incomplete. Not incomplete like building frame wrapped around an elevator shaft incomplete. Not that sort of incomplete that you can never unsee once you’ve seen it, no matter how glossy the eventual paint and full the window planters. 

We never invite your attention before we’ve got something worthwhile to share. Worthwhile, though, at least as far as we’re concerned, isn’t simply a synonym for done. 

I thought about that as we found ourselves, about two months ago, with three cars full of staff, two of them full also of...stuff, in New York City. 

That stuff included everything needed to serve dinner for 45, five hours from home. It also included the first copies of this magazine. Printed just in time to make the packing sheet for an event four months in the planning, but four years in the process. 

Four years prior, we had cooked for the first time at The James Beard House. Yea, that James Beard. Yea, really his house, turned educational foundation after his death. By “we cooked,” I really just mean “I.” The organization was just two of us at the time, Katrina and me, and she had to rush back home for work. I was out of a job already, putting my full attention toward what eventually became our restaurant. She had a few months left to work. 

Four years later we were back, with the two year old restaurant safely locked down and lights out and most of our staff in tow. The magazines were still warm from the printer, and one by one, we sold most of what we had ready. 

Here’s to the next four years. I wonder where these pages will end up by then. 

Here Is Everything I Have To Tell You, 

Joshua Lewin

Cook and storyteller; craft as immersive performance. Aspiring to something… I almost know what at Juliet, etc: 
Home of Somerville's Most Unique Dining Experience
as well as Juliet Cafe and Romeo's At Juliet
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January 2018 - This Is Everything I Have To Tell You, Part 1

January 2018 - This Is Everything I Have To Tell You, Part 1