this is everything i have to tell you

At Juliet, dining is explored as a sort of immersive storytelling. Dinner menus are developed along a theme, and presented alongside original poetry, prose (or in one case, included a five day immersive performance complete with virtual reality time travel), and visual design.

Produced and managed by the staff of the restaurant, Of Juliet is not only a fulfilling creative project, founded on Juliet’s characteristic excellence in craft, but also an experiment in developing economically viable support structure in the arts.

Contributors and staff share in the profit of the project. Like the restaurant itself, supporting this endeavor not only provides a unique and fulfilling experience for fans and readers, but an opportunity to develop skills and be paid for them, for those involved in the creation. 

Of Juliet, published three times each year, is equal parts look deep behind the scenes of one of the country's top independent restaurants, and general interest publication featuring original essays and fiction, interviews, opinion, art and photography, reviews, and more.

Each year of Of Juliet is presented as a trilogy, with each part building on the last on a theme, before starting over each January. Volume 1, 2018's theme is the subtitle: This Is Everything I have To Tell You. Along with the themes and threaded narratives of the year are collectible cover designs. Don't miss one! 

A choice to support Of Juliet is not only a choice to enjoy fresh and original literary voices, but to support them with every dollar. 

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NOUN a small, independent magazine, unafraid to be a little bit different in its pursuit of creative fulfillment, entertaining audiences near and far, and developing sustainable opportunities in the arts.

ORIGIN 2018.: English, from Somerville, MA ‘this is everything I have to tell you.’